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We don't beat around the bush and hide costs etc so here's a list of our packages below. If it's something unique you're after like a website build, please get in touch!

We don't do 12 months contracts unless you want one! The first 3 months are contracted and then it's monthly rolling from there. This is vital as the first 3 months for any marketing is the real starting point for testing and getting results.

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Bronze Tier

You've got a start up brand or small business, maybe have tried some advertising but want to hand it to an expert to take over and see some real results.


- Google ads management and set up

- Facebook ads management and set up

- Monthly stats and meetings

£500 P/M

Citrus Fruits

Silver Tier

You've got a brand or business that's maybe 12 months old or more and are wanting to take it to the next level. You have some understanding of advertising and have success but now it's time for growth. 


- Google ads management and scaling

- Facebook ads management and scaling

- Any other social platform marketing

- Full SEO Monthly Work To Build Organic Growth

- Content planning

- Two photoshoots per month

- Monthly stats and meetings

£1000 P/M

Citrus Fruits
Green Juices

Gold Tier

You're ready for the big leagues. You've got a profitable brand or business that's been running for a while now but you're ready for growth, maybe even hitting worldwide markets?


- Google ads management and scaling

- Facebook ads management and scaling

- All social platforms covered

- 2 Photoshsoots for products

- 1 Video commercial P/A

- Monthly stats and meetings

£1500 P/M


If the contract doesn't include it, we can still provide it!

Hipster with Camera

Photo/Video Shoot

Brand photography and videography is key for digital marketing as the content is the first thing they potential customer sees!

One off 4hr shoot: £350


Website Build

Whether you need a new e-commerce store for your business or just an online form to gain leads, we can build it all and fully implement SEO tools.

One off website build: £750

Business Meeting

One Off Consultation

Just setting up and don't have the budget for monthly expenditure? No problem at all! We can help! We'll take time to research your business and give you all the advice we can to get you set up and running!

One off consultation 2hrs: £350

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